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Premium Vodka Kremlevskie Kuranty

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Kremlevskie Kuranty
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The premium vodka Kremlevskie Kuranty (kremlin clock) is a traditional production method classic Russian vodka made from the purest grain alcohol and spring water. The vodka is distilled five times followed by filtration through charcoal and silver filters. On the palate, the vodka appears very soft and mild without "afterburning". In the glass very clear and pure.
through which he becomes even purer and finer.

The exclusive and noble, lavishly decorated design in black and gold with the Kremlturm, which since the Tsars has been a symbol of Moscow and a symbol of Russian sublimity,gives the product a special shine and a greater attraction. Our drinking recommendation slightly cooled pure as a shot or as an addition to vodka cocktails.

Alc. 40% / vol. 70cl
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