ZAKA Mauritius Rum

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ZAKA Rum is a collection of unique, rare and mysterious rums produced in the most beautiful corners of the world. In the traditional voodoo world, ZAKA is considered the god of farmers and agriculture. He is often depicted as a farmer, dressed in a blue robe and carrying a large bag ("macoute" or "diacoute"), which is traditionally worn.     

ZAKA rums are aged in carefully selected French and American oak barrels. 7 years of care and attention, from harvesting to bottling, pass until ZAKA Rum comes alive and shows its incredibly complex and profound character. ZAKA Mauritius Rum offers a wonderfully warm and rich expression, accompanied by a fresh and floral structure that surprises with the explosion of citrus and pear aromas.    

We recommend that ZAKA Mauritius Rum be enjoyed on its own or on ice, in order to feel all its flavours, charm and complexity.    

Origin: Mauritius / Alc. 42% / Vol. 70cl  

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