The Vermouth Bordiga Rosso has b...

Vermouth Bordiga Rosso

The Vermouth Bordiga Rosso has been produced since the early 1940s. Insp...
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Vermouth from Spain

Vermouth Olave Blanco

The excellent Vermouth Olave Blanco is produced by the distillery Oratvi...
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Vermouth Olave Reserva Especial

The exclusive Vermouth Olave Reserva comes from Spain. It is matured for...
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Vermouth is a wine whose fermentation process has been interrupted by the addition of alcohol, the so-called "spraying".  The wine is also flavoured with various herbs. Herbal liqueurs containing vermouth must contain at least 75% wine. The remaining 25% is divided between various herbs, alcohol and sugar. A finished wormwood thus has a high proportion of sugar and approx. 15 -18% alcohol. The alcoholic drink owes its bitter taste and name to the wormwood herb.

Vermouth was already popular in ancient times and was also used as a remedy. In modern times, the vermouth tradition flourished at the beginning of the 16th century, especially in the Kingdom of Savoy and Piedmont. Finally, Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who prepared the aromatic drink in Turin in 1786 and sold it on a commercial scale for the first time, is considered the inventor of vermouth as we understand it today.

At the beginning of the 20th century the drink became increasingly unpopular and was often associated with drinking vagrants. Since the 2000s, however, the popularity of the vermouth has risen significantly. As a result, new and excellent products have been continuously introduced to the market in recent years.

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