Cancellation Right

Right of revocation

How can I cancel my order?

If you are a consumer and order via the online shop, you have a right of cancellation in accordance with the following provisions:

According to Swiss law, you may revoke your contract declaration either in writing (i.e. letter, fax, email) or by returning the goods within a period of two weeks (‘Period of Revocation’) without stating any reasons. The period begins with the order placed on

Compliance with the Period of Revocation only requires timely dispatch of the revocation notice or timely return of the goods. The revocation notice must be addressed to:

Zürcher Handelskontor GmbH

Göthestrasse 18
8712 Stäfa
Schweiz - Switzerland

Consequences of revocation

If you effectively exercised your right of revocation, both parties have to reimburse the performances and use (e.g. interest) where applicable.


You may have the obligation to pay compensation for the lost value, if you can not or not reimburse the received goods in total or only in a declined condition. This regulation also comprises those impairments, which are generated from the normal utilization of the goods.

Impairments generated by the examination of the goods – how it would have been possible in a retail shop – are excluded from this obligation.


We advise you, that you can avoid the obligation to pay compensation for the lost value, if you treat the goods like foreign property until the end of the period. You should omit anything that could affect the value of the goods and treat them as goods in a retail shop. In particular the wearing of shoes outside of the housing regularly leads to an obligation to pay compensation for the lost value.

The original shoebox has to be intact and undamaged in case of return (protected by another additional packaging), including all provided pieces (such as wrapping paper, shoe cover, etc.) complete and undamaged. Those goods that can be shipped in a package will be sent back on the risk of the vender.


The customer within Switzerland must cover the cost of the return if the goods as supplied are in accordance with what was ordered and if the price of the item to be returned does not exceed CHF 50 or, if the price of the item is higher, if at the time of cancellation he has not yet paid for it in full or made a contractually agreed part payment. In any other case the return of the goods is free of charge to the customer within Switzerland.

The cost of the return of goods from outside Switzerland has to be covered by the customer in any case. Items, which cannot be sent by parcel post, will be collected from the customer.

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