Rum from Guyana

El Dorado Rum 15 Years

El Dorado Rum 15y

The El Dorado Rum 15 years is a noble drop, which is made from the best ...
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Guyana as a traditional rum country is located on the northern coast of South America and borders on Venezuela and Brazil. 
Already in the middle of the 17th century the country had more than 300 rum distilleries. Cane sugar, like in many other rum countries, is traditionally one of the most important agricultural products of Guyana. For this reason Guyana has a long tradition of rum production. In addition, the tropical climate conditions of the equator favour the production of Guyanese rum. In contrast to many other countries, Guyana relies more on tradition than on innovative technical implementation in production. The best known rum variety from Guayna is Rum El Dorado, which has won several awards.
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