Rum from Anguilla


Pyrat Rum XO Reserve

The high-quality ultra-premium rum Pyrat XO Reserve is produced on the i...
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Anguilla is the home of the Pyrat Rum, one of the best and most famous rums in the world. Anguilla belongs to the Lesser Antilles, like the American Virgin Islands and Antigua. The small East Caribbean island, which consists mainly of limestone deposits and corals, has 91 square kilometres and no large sugar cane plantations. Due to the sandy soil and lack of rain, sugar cane would not grow very well here either. But what most people forget: the Pyrat-Rum consists selected blends of different Caribbean rums. That means the Anguilla Rum Company is actually a rum factory where rum is blended instead of distilled. Accordingly, the whole plant is very small. The world famous Pyrat-Rum is filled and packed by only 13 people.
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