Rum from Venezuela


Rum Diplomatico Planas

The Diplomático Planas got its name from a valley called Planas at the f...
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Rum Diplomatico Gran Reserva is ...

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 12y

Rum Diplomatico Gran Reserva is exclusively based rums aged at least 12 ...
CHF 49,00
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In the northern part of South America you will find Venezuela, which offers impressive nature with its multi-faceted landscape between Caribbean beaches, wide valleys in the Maracaibo lowlands up to the high Andes. In addition to imposing landscapes, it is also the Venezuelan rum that has made a name for itself worldwide. Until the 1960s, sugar cane and rum were even considered the country's main exports.

The state attaches great importance to tradition of production and the unique quality of rum. For this reason, it legally requires producers to store rum for at least two years. The typical rum from Venezuela is particularly strong and spicy with a reserved sweetness, but lighter versions are also available. The excellent growing conditions on the fertile land make this range and abundance of high quality distilled products possible, with something for every taste.

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