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In 1492, Columbus discovered the American continent, although he actually thought he had sailed to India on a previously unexplored sea route. He landed for the first time in what is now the Caribbean. The explorer, who was acting at the behest of the Spanish kingdom, was soon followed by the Spanish occupying forces. Like him, they realised that the tropical climate and the landscape on the many islands were ideal for growing sugar cane. Thus the foundation for rum from the Caribbean was laid. One has to owe the spirit to the slaves imported from Africa. After the bone-crushing work on the plantations, they distilled the remaining sugar production like molasses to raw alcohol. This was the birth of the forerunner of the currently so popular spirit. Caribbean rum continued to develop over time as Europeans became aware of it. It was transported to the Old World in wooden barrels, and this period of rest had such a positive effect on the spirit that since then the storage of rum in oak barrels has become commonplace.

Caribbean rum was not only influenced by the Spaniards, but also by the other European colonial powers, also in South and Central America. The Danes with Danish West Indies as well as the British fell in love with it, which is why rum from the Caribbean would not be complete today without rum from the Virgin Islands - American as well as British. The Portuguese and the Dutch also got a taste for it and had a say in the history of rum from the Caribbean. The French also occupied some Caribbean islands. Today's overseas départements such as Guadeloupe and Martinique produce the exciting Rhum Agricole. As a Caribbean rum with a special character, it should be considered a class of its own, as it is distilled from fermented sugar cane juice instead of molasses. Of course, there are many more differences due to the many islands with their respective conditions and historical developments, so there is no lack of choice when buying rum from the Caribbean. In the course of more than 500 years, this typical Caribbean spirit has developed into a worldwide classic and top seller. This is exactly why Caribbean rum should not be missing in any well-equipped bar or house bar.
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