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The Toguchi Premium Whisky is a ...

Togouchi Premium Whisky Gift Box

The Toguchi Premium Whisky is a blend of Scottish Malt Whisky and Canadi...
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The Chita Japanese Single Grain Whisky

Grain Whisky from Japan has been a fixed component of every better bar s...
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White Oak Akashi Single Malt Whisky Gift box

In limited edition Akashi delivers the wonderful White Oak Single Malt -...
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Today Japan is no longer an exotic country of origin for whisky. In former times smiled at for its clumsy Scotch imitations, Japanese whisky has developed from an insider tip to an export hit. In fact, Japanese whisky is now exported more often than traditional sake. Also in Japan itself the popularity of the domestic whisky has been steadily increasing. The Japanese prefer to drink whisky as a highball mixed with soda water and ice, and as an accompaniment to food.

Japan has a very long experience in producing spirits. Thus, many Japanese whisky distilleries emerged from the centuries-old sake breweries. This enabled the Japanese to largely make up for the lead of the Scots and Irish in whisky production. Today, the production processes for sake and whisky are usually combined under one roof, which benefits both products. 

Japanese whiskies are characterised by their richness of facets, fruitiness and floral character. According to the Japanese master distillers, it is the special Japanese groundwater and the high temperature gradient between summer and winter that allows the Japanese whisky to mature more intensively. In addition, the Japanese water oak "Mizunara", whose wood is used for cask production, gives the Japanese whisky its unique taste.
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