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The delicate Grappa Barrique Riserva from the house of Psenner is made f...
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Grappa is an Italian spirit distilled from grape marc, i.e. the residues of the wine mash such as stalks, skins and pips. The grape marc spirit Grappa has a minimum alcohol content of 37.5% by volume, but the alcohol content can reach up to 60 and in some cases 70% by volume. Grappa is said to have been known in Italy since the 5th century. Grappa was first mentioned in a document from Piedmont in 1451. Today grappa is mainly produced in the north-eastern regions of Veneto and Friuli.

For the production of Grappa, first the pomace juice is pressed. The resulting wine is distilled several times to obtain a grappa that is as pure as possible. Grappa is strong and fruity in taste, but soft and smooth on the palate. The recommended drinking temperature is 12-14 °C for young grappa and 16-18 °C for mature grappa.

Originally known and loved only in Italy, today grappa is appreciated all over the world.

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