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Yushan Single Malt Sherry Cask

This fine single malt from the Nantou Distillery was named after Taiwan'...
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In 2002 Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). Previously, only the government was allowed to produce and distribute alcohol. Therefore it was only from this time on that it was possible to build a distillery on Taiwan. The Taiwanese King Car Group made the first plans for the construction of the distillery with the Kavalan in the same year. The aim of company founder Tian-Tsai Lee was to produce a Taiwanese whisky with the help of Scottish support. This is also how the present Master Blender of the Kavalan distillery, Ian Chang, was trained in Scotland.

The Kavalan distillery is located in Yilan County, a small coastal plain at the mouth of the Lanyang River in the northern part of Taiwan's east coast. The Taiwanese natives are called Kavalan, hence the name Kavalan Whisky.

Taiwanese whisky made headlines shortly after its introduction and has since won major international awards. 
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