Weisswange Dry Gin

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Kim Weisswange has made a name for herself worldwide as an outstanding scent creator. National and international fragrance brands have succumbed to her as well as famous personalities from all over the world. Creating a gin comes very close to creating a perfume. And that Kim Weisswange not only has a true sense of scent, but also an equally fine palate, she proves with this delicacy. 

51 carefully selected ingredients, many of them from Germany, form the wonderfully balanced aroma of the Weisswange Dry Gin, including coriander, angelica root, pine, anise, fennel, clary sage, oregano, elecampane and pomegranate, to name but a few.

The distillation of this work of art is done according to old tradition in a small copper still. Thus the botanicals are first prepared in high-proof alcohol and in the last step of the double distillation. This is the only way to produce a gin that already beguiles with its scent and remains pleasantly soft despite its relatively high alcohol content. Finally, the Weisswange Dry Gin presents itself from its best side in an unmistakably stylish bottle.

The Weisswange Dry Gin makes the hearts of all connoisseurs beat faster and remains unforgettably in memory. 

Origin: Germany / Alc. 45% / Vol. 70cl
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