Vodka Squadra Russa Marine Silber

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Down the ages Russia become a great sea power. Mr. Fred T. Jane, famous English chronologist and founding editor of reference books on warships, once said that "Russian Navy had fought in desperate sea-fights, and a thousand years ago the foremost sailors of the time were Russians". Vodka "SQUADRA RUSSA" with its unique and noble appearance, full of patriotism, is the reflection of Russian sea power's greatness. Trademark's know-how is the silver naval mine which is floating inside the bottle. 

It's known that naval mines are relatively low-cost and highly effective weapons. Potent ship killers, just the threat of mines can deter an enemy from sending his surface ships or submarines into an area. Mines are difficult to locate and sweep. Mines have been employed as offensive or defensive weapons in rivers, lakes, estuaries, seas, and oceans, but they can also be used as tools of psychological warfare. Offensive mines are placed in enemy waters, outside harbors and across important shipping routes with the aim of sinking both merchant and military vessels. Defensive minefields safeguard key stretches of coast from enemy ships and submarines, forcing them into more easily-defended areas, or keeping them away from sensitive ones. Being a great threatening weapon able to demoralize the enemy, naval mine became a symbol of vodka "SQUADRA RUSSA" as if it could appeal that the ENEMY SHALL NOT PASS!

Exclusiveness of the trademark highlighted by the pewter label where legendary sea-fights of great Russian Navy are placed. Russian Squadron is made of high quality ingredients: alcohol is the Alpha of the highest class, and purified water. The beverage passes triple filtration using harmless natural coagulants enriched with silver. It is clean, transparent color, mild flavor with a slight bitterness and sweetish notes in the finish.

Exclusive look brand also achieved by tin labels with legendary naval battles with the participation of the Russian fleet. The noble and patriotic image of vodka Russian Squadron is a tribute to the power of a great naval power of Russia. Bottles and packaging of vodka Russian Squadron are made in naval style. The label showes ingenuity having made out of the tin and decorated with images of battle scenes.

The unique know-how is a souvenir inside the bottle - a model of a floating silver marine on anchor! Collect your army series.

Oirigin: Russia / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl / Giftbox
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