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Grain imbued with the soul and strength of the hearty slavonic land. Pristine water preserving its natural quality and softness. Classic characteristics retained through the centuries. These are the inherent traits of genuine Russian Vodka - RUSSIAN SHOT vodka.

Component preparation: Water
Water quality considerably infuences the quality of vodka and liquor / vodka products.Therefore specialists of the distillery pay specials attention to water preparation. During many cleaning phases water is being cleaned from mechanical, organic impurities and hardening salts.
The obtained water has higher organoleptic properties; products made with the use of this water are remarkable for thei soft, harmoious taste and high stability at storage.
One of the factors for high quality vodka is using high quality spirit. All products of Olimp Corporation are being manufactured exclusively on domestic raw material, grain spirit of premium category.

Vodka preparation:
Blending department, the heart of vodka manufacturing, is where the alcohol being mixed with water. The water / alcohol mix obtained in this way is called grade. Then, the grade goes to a grid consisting of coal and sand filters, where the water / alcohol mix is cleaned from organic and mechanical microimpurities, acquires taste and flavor inherent to vodka.
6 times distilled:
Quartz sand
Charcoal cleaning
Quartz sand purificationof aqueous-alcoholic mixtura
Polishing refinement: adds luster to vodka
20-micron and 10-micron cleaning system
Extraneous impurity removal by 5-micron purification set
2003 - Chigago Beverage Testing Institute Diploma " BEST BUY"
2005 - San Francisco Worls Spirits Competention "GOLD MEDAL"
2007 - Chicago Bewerage Testing Institute Diploma "GOLD MEDAL" & "BEST BUY" (93 Punkte von 100)
2010 - Gold Medal & Best Buy Bar Competition Chicago, USA

Alc. 40 %, Vol.1.0 L

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