Vodka PRIME Premium

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An exclusive design from the world's leading design bureau Slaessens International was implemented in the unique bottle, made by world-famous Czech artists. The noble look, clean lines and steadfast appearance of the bottle are harmoniously united in the «Prime Premium».

The taste of vodka «Prime Premium» became a real discovery. Prime Premium is an ideal combination of exclusive design and unique flavour composition that makes it an excellent present. The taste of this vodka has become a real gem – a special tincture of imperial white tea makes the taste very mild and fresh, while a light flavour and a delicate after-taste accentuate the exclusiveness of the vodka.

The unique authorship recipe, with an addition of imperial white tea, makes the taste of this drink extremely soft and clean. A delicate, barely noticeable, pleasant aroma and a velvety aftertaste emphasize exclusivity of this vodka.

On the 11-th of February 2010 Ukrainian distillery PRIME got the gold medal and diploma of "PRODEXPO-2010" in the nomination "Innovations in technologies". According to the results of the experts review of the most prestigious Russian business-contest in the food industry, PRIME was recognized as the best brand in the nomination "Innovations in technologies" among Russian and international spirits brands.

Origin: Ukraine / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl


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