Tincture Cardamom Bordiga

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Cardamom sounds like a spice from the Arabian Nights. Together with vanilla and saffron, it is one of the most precious spices, but its aroma and taste are immediately recognizable to the few. It is known for its unique taste and potency-enhancing effect. Today cardamom is more than just an oriental kitchen spice, because its versatile healing power is often used in Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine.

The tincture cardamom Bordiga is a new highlighe from Italy. It is produced in a small batch process with high-proof alcohol. The tincture cardamom Bordiga brings the unique taste of cardamom into cocktails and gives them an extravagant touch.

Tinctures are the new highlight for bartenders and cocktail lovers, as their delicious aromas give the cocktails a special and unforgettable touch.

One bottle of the tincture cardamom Bordiga is sufficient for up to 300 applications, a spray head is included. 

Origin: Italy / Alc. 80% / Vol. 10cl

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