Tequila Padre Azul Blanco

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One hundred percent genuine - Padre Azul has nothing to do with well-known standard tequila. The selected ingredients, the origin from the special Tequila cultivation area and the careful production make it an exclusive top product, which is unique in Europe. In Mexico, the supervisory authority Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) is the guardian of the real tequila. Padre Azul meets all requirements and is allowed to carry the coveted seal of quality on his bottles. 

For the production of Padre Azul only pure agave distillate from the blue agave is used. The blue agave is one of 400 types of agave and the best to produce tequila. During the harvest the blue agave is freed from its pointed leaves, so that only the heart - the piña, as the Mexicans say - remains. It can be processed into premium tequila at the earliest after eight years of maturation and provides the unique taste of Padre Azul.

The Padre Azul Bianco is produced in a carefully selected distillery according to a long-standing tequila tradition. Directly after distillation it is filled into the high-quality bottle. Thus it keeps its clear, transparent colour and its incomparable taste of fresh agave. The young Tequila is perfect for mixing high-quality cocktails.

The extraordinary Padre Azul bottles are handmade and are refined with a 270 gram skull, which creatively picks up the skull culture of Mexico. The leather coat with lacing gives the bottles a particularly rocky appearance.

Origin: Mexico / Alc. 38% / Vol. 70cl

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