Studer Vieille Prune Oak & Smoke

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The Studer Vieille Prune Oak & Smoke is an exquisite plum brandy from Studer in Emmenmatt. It is distilled from fresh Swiss plums. Then, as is typical for a "Vieille", dried fruits are added and it is stored for some time in old sherry casks. Afterwards, it is bottled in the noble bottle.

The golden yellow Studer Vieille Prune Oak & Smoke convinces with its fruity and intensely multilayered taste of plums. In addition, a pleasant sweetness, paired with a subtle smoky wood note, which he gets through the storage in sherry casks.

The Studer Vieille Prune Oak & Smoke is ideal as a digestif, preferably with a fine cigar. But also in fancy cocktails he makes a very good figure. 

Origin: Switzerland / Alc. 40% / Vol. 50cl

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