Studer 1653 Old Barrel Rum

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The 1653 Old Barrel Rum was created in memory of Christian Schybi. Christian Schybi was the leader of the peasant war of 1653 and husband of Maria Studer, an ancestor of the distillery. The rum is distilled in a pot still from sugar cane molasses from Nicaragua. After the double distillation in the steam distillery and the years of maturation, own mountain spring water is added to achieve the necessary drinking strength. At 44.8% vol., the amber-coloured rum is very aromatic and convinces with sweet notes of vanilla and honey as well as nuances of spicy, warm wood. 

The sensual Studer 1653 Old Barrel spoils the connoisseur. It can be enjoyed pure, on ice, as a digestif after a meal or as an addition to a rum cocktail.

Origin: Switzerland / Alc. 44.8% / Vol. 50cl
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