Rum from Japan


Rum Ryoma 7 Years

The Ryoma Rum, a fruity and at the same time strong rum from the Kikusu ...
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When we think of rum, countries like Cuba, Barbados, Panama or the Dominican Republic come to our mind. But Japan? Although the land of the rising sun has already made a name for itself in the production of sake or whisky, Japanese distillers who were eager to experiment came up with the idea of trying their hand at rum production. And the result is something to be seen and drunk! The Kikusui Sake Brewing Company, for example, has brought an excellent rum to the market, Ryoma Rum. Its name comes from a famous Japanese samurai whose family crest adorns the bottle's cap. This light rum made from freshly pressed sugar cane juice with a fruity note shows that it is also possible to produce a unique rum in Japan.

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