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Selection of 3 Botanicals to give a special touch to your Cuba Libre

Cocoa Beans
(Theobroma cacao)

Real, raw cocao Beats will provide your drink with an aroma that reminds you of the purest chocolate. Lightly grate a bean and add it to the combination.

Giant Coffee Beans
(Coffea arabica Maragogype)

Rub 2 or 3 beans together to bring out their aroma before adding them to the glass.
They will awaken your senses and let you enjoy your rum even more.

Orange Strips
(Citrus Aurantium)

The perfect citrus complement for your drink of rum. Add a few strips of orange peel to add aroma and a touch of colour.

1.Chill a wide-mouthed glass with lots of ice.
2.Add 60 ml of your favorite Rum and then the cola.
3.Choose your Spacial Touch and a citrus to get a fresh effect.
4.Stir gently and enjoy it!

Origin: Spain

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