Rum Charles Hosie 3 Island (Dark)

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The 3 Island Rum (Dark) is blended from several barrel stored rums from three Caribbean islands. The mixing of the original characteristics of the islands Jamaica, Martinique and Trinidad give this rum its special note: Very aromatic, with overripe fruit notes, which become noticeable first when poured into the glass and then room filling. The nose is pampered by the strong and complex play of aromas of dried fruit, pineapple, nuances of fresh sugar cane, banana, sherry, wood and a hint of leather. The taste is very soft, clean and reminiscent of dried fruit. The finish is long and lingering, with notes of juchy leather, toasted aromas and traces of tobacco and salt.

The 3 Island Rum (Dark) is best suited as a base for Cuba Libre, Daiquiris, Tikis and other cocktails, but is just as pure, whether with or without ice, a pleasure!

Origin: Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidas, Martinique) / Alc. 37,5 % / 70cl.

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