Rum Atlantico Platino

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For the production of Atlantico Platino Rum, both distillates from sugar cane and molasses are used. The ingredients mature for a year in the original distilleries before being blended in Atlantico's cellars and matured in ex-Bourbon barrels. The subsequent filtration through charcoal produces a colourless and brilliant rum that combines the best of both worlds. 

Atlantico Platino is a fresh rum, characterised by lemon, vanilla and exotic spices with a subtle fresh pineapple note. It lies soft and velvety on the tongue, its finish is medium long and sweet. The Atlantico Platino is perfect for delicious cocktails such as Cuba Libre, Daiquiri and Mojito, but can also be enjoyed straight or on ice. 

Origin: Dominican Republic / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl

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