Ron Centenario Rum Gran Legado 12 Años

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The fertile soil and tropical climate of Costa Rica offer ideal conditions for sugar cane cultivation. The best rums are produced from this high-quality sugar cane, as is the Ron Centenario Rum Gran Legado 12 Años, which after its elaborate production and distillation rests for at least twelve years in selected oak barrels and develops its character. The Ron Centenario is the perfect choice for rum lovers looking for a high-quality product in the medium price range. 

The Ron Centenario Rum Gran Legado 12 Años offers a perfect blend of aromas of dark caramel, spices and nuts. These notes continue in the wonderfully harmonious taste and are underlined in the long-lasting finish of oak notes. The Ron Centenario has a pleasant sweetness with a medium body.

Origin: Costa Rica / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl

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