Quorhum 12 Anos Solera Ron

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The exquisite Ron Quorhum 12 years Solera is produced by the well-known manufacturer Oliver & Oliver International Inc. in the classic pot still process. It is matured in high-quality oak barrels, which formerly contained Bourbon whisky. As with all Quorhum varieties, about 15% of the content of the younger cask runs into the older cask below. This creates a high-quality, unusual composition, which gives the rum a special taste and a very noble colour. Thus the Ron Quorhum 12 years Solera presents itself in a dark amber tone, which is interspersed with golden shimmering. 

The Ron Quorhum 12 Years Solera smells of fresh notes of high-quality spices, while at the same time a gentle sweetness is noticeable. Thus the rum flatters the nose and plays out its high quality and speciality to the full. On the palate the light spice is replaced by special aromas and subtly overlaid. Thus caramel, raisins and exotic notes unite to flatter the palate. Overall, the Ron Quorhum remains mild and friendly for 12 years of Solera. In the finish, the taste of pralines and a hint of wood is concise. This composition provides a long lasting taste experience and makes you want more.

The Ron Quorhum 12 years Whether can be enjoyed pure or in a high-quality Cuba Libre.

Origin: Dominican Republic / Alc. 40%/ Vol. 70cl

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