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Kalinka Vodka(Premium Export) is made for you from Lux spirit that comes from ecologically pure grain of spring wheat harvested in the same year. Vodka is an embodiment of continuity, ancient Russian traditions and modern ecologically perfect distillation technologies. We use the technology of raw mix: while crushing the grain we add water that contains silver. As a result more healthy elements are preserved till the end of the distillation. We filter our vodka by flow through natural substances, making it a truly mild one.

The folk Russian recipe - a unique combination of purest Lux spirit, an infusion of golden Russian apples, viburnum berries and fresh mint in Kalinka Export vodka is a little part of great Russia in each bottle.

The technology of raw mix

The technology of raw mix came to us from ancient times. A combination of its simplicity and efficiency is amazing proving that Russia always was an expert in making vodka - traditional Russian drink. The technology of raw mix is to add water still in the process of crushing grain. However, the result would be not so bright if it were ordinary grain and plain water. For manufacturing Kalinka vodka we use exclusively spring wheat grain harvested in one year and water containing silver alloys which is extracted at the depth of 40 meters. ?This combination of the most high quality products, gifts of Mother Nature, makes Kalinka vodka taste mild and exceptionally bright.

Origin: Russia / Alc. 40% / Vol. 50cl


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