Matusalem 7 Solera Rum

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The Matusalem 7 years Solera Rum is distilled in the Dominican Republic according to old Cuban tradition. As the name suggests, the maturing process follows the Solera method. Selected barrels of American oak are used for its storage.

The colour of Matusalem Solera 7 Rum is reminiscent of a light amber tone, with a slight golden shimmer. It develops its unique flavour through the ageing in oak barrels. The nose is dominated by notes of vanilla, ripe fruit and caramel. A pleasant oak tone is noticeable and lets expect mature aromas on the palate. On the palate you can taste caramelised fruit, some banana and rich vanilla. Nuances of oak wood are added to this. In the depths, Matusalem Solera 7 Rum reminds one of a fine brandy and also offers strong spices, which contrast well with the sweet aroma. Despite its relatively short storage time, it already shows an amazing maturity in taste. The aftertaste inspires with a long, soft finish with a noble vanilla note.

The Matusalem 7 Years Solera Rum is perfect for cocktails or long drinks, but can also be enjoyed on its own.

Origin: Dominican Republic / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl
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