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The bluish-black berries of the blackthorn, known as “sloe berries”, are a very special fruit indeed, which take a few frosty nights to acquire their delicately sweet flavor. For hundreds of years, sloe enthusiasts have been picking these berries in late fall and making them into a juice, and then mixing this with gin to make “sloe gin”. For the Swiss Sloe Gin from Macardo, the best Swiss Sir Dry Gin is blended with the pure fruit juice laboriously made from hand-picked sloe berries to create a liquor with a 28% alcohol volume. The result: a distinctively fruity taste sensation, an unparalleled symbiosis of juniper and the 18 other botanicals in Sir Dry Gin, coupled with almond and marzipan aromas. Swiss Sloe Gin is the perfect Swiss liquor, because it can be enjoyed whatever the season. In winter, it warms the heart, while in summer, it makes for a refreshing drink neat on the rocks or mixed with Prosecco to make “Sloesecco” or with soda and lemon juice for a traditional sloe gin fizz.

Tasting notes
A new sidekick from Macardo in Strohwilen in Thurgau. Rich ruby red. An extravagant aroma in the nose, with intense fruity notes of sloe and subtle marzipan and nutty aromas. In the background of our carefully distilled, traditionally handcrafted gin is the tantalizing taste of juniper and lavender. The pleasant consistency and subtle oiliness on the tongue are what stand out on the palate. Considerably more tangy and less sweet than other liqueurs, while preserving the different aromas of the 19 botanicals in the gin. Very creamy, mellow, palatable, with a great fruit, full-bodied mouthfeel, and pleasant almond tones. It has a unique, extremely well-balanced character. A revival à la Thurgau that will appeal to everyone, even non-gin drinkers.

Origin: Switzerland / Alc. 28% / Vol. 70cl
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