Loewen Gin Leo Nobile (Special Edition)

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The Lion Gin Leo Nobile is the new highlight from the house of "Löwen Bergbrennerei". This premium gin combines the noble with the excellent and offers a unique and perfect pleasure.

This is the Löwen Gin Leo Nobile: The finest distilling art paired with the most valuable spice in the world, saffron! The latest golden-yellow gin creation from the house of Bergbrennerei Löwen heralds a new era in the gin squad. With a smooth, almost oily finish, selected botanicals and a noble appearance that does the new special gin edition all credit.

With precious saffron threads added, the "Leo Nobile" is a gin that is second to none. An exceptional edition, created by people who live for real, authentic art of distillation. The mouth-blown bottle, packed in an elegant gift box, is also a real eye-catcher. 

Origin: Austria / Alc. 40% / Vol. 70cl
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