Kalevala Distilled Dry Gin

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Kalevala Distilled Dry Gin is produced in one of the most beautiful regions of Finland, in North Karelia. North Karelia is home to pine forests, clear rivers, thousands of lakes and of course abundant juniper berries, a main ingredient of gin. The founder of the company "Kalevala Gin", Moritz Wüstenberg, started producing gin in 2010. After years of development, the first gin finally came onto the market in 2014. 

The Kalevala Gin is produced in a small-batch process. The special thing about this method of production is that the wheat brandy can be left to rest for 24 hours with juniper. Over a period of 12 hours, raspberry leaves, mint, rosebuds, rosemary and other botanicals are additionally placed in the upper part of the distilling vessel so that the alcohol vapours rising from below can be enriched with the aroma of Finnish nature.

Its sweetly spicy aromas create a beautiful finish of ginger and resinous juniper. At the same time, Kalevala Gin was certified as BIO Gin (number FI-EKO-301).

Highlight: On every bottle of Kalevala Gin there is an NFC code. As soon as you scan the code with your smartphone, a link appears which you can call up in the browser to learn more about the history of gin.

Origin: Finland / Alc. 46.3% / Vol. 50cl
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