Kalevala Blue Label (Navi Strength) and Fentimans Tonic Water

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In contrast to the normal Kalevala Gin, the Kalevala Navy Strength has a significantly higher alcohol content of 50.9%. What makes the Kalevala Blue Label Gin (Navi Strength) so special are its ingredients. Among the botanicals are juniper, Jerusalem artichoke, rosemary and sea buckthorn. The gin tastes aromatic and strong, with a hint of pleasant sweetness. You can feel the elemental power of its Nordic ingredients in every sip.

The Kalevala Blue Label Gin (Navi Strength) is only produced in small quantities and is also bottled by hand like its predecessor. The name Navy Strength comes from the history of British seafaring. Until the 19th century, gin was always carried on ships. To ensure that it was not diluted, it was put on gunpowder and set on fire. If the gunpowder started to burn, it was a Navy Strength Gin. If the gunpowder did not burn, the gin was probably diluted before the trip. 

The nose shows earthy juniper and a distinct pine scent. On the palate the Kalevala Blue Label Gin (Navi Strength) is fresh, green, grassy and dry, with aromas of juniper, herbs and rosemary, with a slight floral rose with a certain sweetness. In the finish this unique gin is warming, slightly spicy and dry. 

The Kalevala Blue Label Gin (Navi Strength) is BIO certified (FL-EKO-301 EU Agriculture).

Kalevala Blue Label Gin
2x Kalevala Gin glasses
4x Fentimans Tonic Water

Origin: Finland / Alc. 50.9% / Vol. 50cl
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