Jinzu Gin

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The Jinzu Gin is a fancy gin, which stands out from the crowd because of its unique composition. The recipe for its production was strongly influenced by East Asia, especially Japan. Besides the obligatory juniper and other botanicals, Jinzu Gin is refined with yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit, and sake, the world-famous rice wine from Japan. This results in an unusual and yet extremely harmonious interplay of aromas.

Already in the nose Jinzu Gin opens a unique aroma full of power and freshness. The typical juniper is joined by a citrus freshness originating from the Yuzu. An elegant floral note shimmers through in the background. The fragrance of the sake completes the interplay of aromas. This harmonious picture is continued on the palate. Citrus notes and juniper are initially dominant, but are increasingly replaced by the mildness of the saké, so that the gin bids farewell with a wonderfully velvety finish.

Jinzu Gin is a perfect gin for all those who are looking for a gin a little off the norm. Its smooth character and exotic taste make it unmistakable. So Jinzu Gin can be served in a variety of drinks. A classic gin tonic is of course also excellent with it.

Origin: England / Alc. 41.3% / Vol. 70cl
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