GINSTR Stuttgart Dry Gin

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This award-winning gin (gold medal winner at the WORLD-SPIRITS AWARD 2018) is a true Stuttgart original. Therefore, its ingredients come from Stuttgart and its region, such as the juicy juniper berries from vineyards in the Rems valley or citrus fruits and rosemary from Stuttgart nurseries. Other botanicals, which cannot be grown in the region, come from selected regional traders. The Lake Constance water, which has been filtered several times before it is used for GINSTR, is additionally refined with original mineral water from Cannstatt. Fresh citrus aromas, finest juniper, a hint of rosemary, cardamom and coriander give this gin the necessary spice. Liquorice, kaffir lime leaves, orange blossom, hibiscus blossom and pomegranate seeds provide the perfect heart note.

Origin: Germany / Alc. 44% / Vol. 50cl

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