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The Gentleman's Gin was created by the company "Ale&Bread" in 2018 in a small distillery in the old town of Basel. The basis for this was a recipe from the 20th century. The Gentleman's Gin is a London Dry Gin, produced in a small batch process. 

The botanicals used in the production of Gentleman's Gin come from faraway countries as well as from the nearby Swiss mountains. The Gin is mysterious, but very elegant and classic in the finish. 

The medicine bottle with a red coloured cork reminds of a "Gentleman with a red hat" and thus of the gentlemen who met in the Speakeasy, i.e. the one in the whispering bars at a time when it was forbidden to serve alcohol.

The Gentleman's Gin can be drunk perfectly chilled straight or also in a classic Gin-Tonic Cocktail. 

Origin: Switzerland / Alc. 41% / Vol. 50cl
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