Dr. Jaglas Gin-Seng Dry Gin

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For decades now, family apothecary Jagla have used traditional herbal lore and monastic brews dating back to the middle ages in order to produce their signature herbal bitters. Now, for the first time, the Jagla family presents Gin-Seng, a handmade ginseng-based gin of 50% vol. This gin takes inspiration from the original juniper berry recipe for Spiritus Junipert from the 1872 German pharmacopoeia. Stunningly, this gin has no added sugar whatsoever, and in its distilled form, Gin-seng is reminiscent of Dr. Jagla's herbal bitter, the Golfers' Ginseng Elixir.
This unique gin is made up of a marriage of fresh juniper berries and earthy ginseng roots, as instructed by the German pharmacopoeia. These contrasting components produce a delicate symbiosis as they compliment each other perfectly. Dr Jagla's Gin-Seng offers an inimitable array of flavours to delight the pallette, rounded off by extracts of other herbs, roots, and peels. With regard to its high quality, ginseng can be compared to truffles, hence its reputation as “the Queen of bitter herbs”. Its wonderful flavour profile is the result of a fine combination of rare botanicals, including gentian, centaury, bitter orange, white turmeric, ginger, chinchona, cardamom, galangal, cinnamon, cloves, camphor, nutmeg, valeriana, citronella, saffron, angelica root, lavender, and juniper.

Dr. Jagla's Gin-Seng: delicious with tonic, delicious as a sipping drink
Dr. Jagla's Gin-Seng can be enjoyed with tonic, but its complex arome also makes it a great choice for a sipping drink. If you're looking for a quality gift, Gin-Seng is an excellent choice. Developed by hand in German apothocaries, this sophisticated gin was made by experts devoted to their craft. Truly a cut above the rest!

Origin: Germany / Alc. 50% / Vol.50cl / Giftbox
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