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for all those who love traditional drop that want to share good taste with other people. You will find in our shop selected spirits from all the world like premium vodka from Russia, Sweden, Canada, and various exclusive liqueurs from USA, France and gin quality varieties from England, Spain, Germany. Rum, whiskey, wines and beers complete our range. We are constantly striving to expand our product range to offer our customers absolute Sptzenerzeugnisse for Connainsseuren and connoisseurs.

We have the selection that could be in every bar, if the bar around the corner or your home bar. Even if you are looking for exclusive and extraordinary gifts, then you are right with us. The following benefits do you expect in our shop :

- We offer fair price-performance ratio
- In our online shop you can shop safely
- We use secure packaging to ship the bottles
- A choice of secure payment options
- When shopping from 150 CHF you get the goods free house

For all questions, suggestions or requests, please contact us via the contact form or by mail. We would be happy if we can win you as a customer. We are happy to take requests from clubs / bars / restaurants and Resellers by phone or by mail . Your team - EXCLUSIVEBOTTLE.CH

Vodka and Gin buy online

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The Story of Vodka

Vodka’s origins continue to be contested but currently there appears to be a draw between ...

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What Is Absinthe? Absinthe is an alcoholic liquor made from a blend of herbs. Among the most popular herbs used ...

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The small history - UISGE (WHISKY)

The name of the "water of life" produced in Scotland and Ireland comes fro...

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The first confirmed date for the production of gin is the early 17th century in Holland, although claims have be...

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Delicious Liquors HEDONIST, NUVO, Ti-Ku, Bear Hug and more you will find in our online shop. It is your Life Style

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Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane byproducts such as molasses, or directly from sugarcan...

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There is perhaps no beverage with as rich and storied a past as tequila.  Dating back to 1000 B.C., Mayan and Az...

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Exclusive Brandys from Kvint - The beverage that gives pleasure. The art of the winemaking and cognac-making in part...

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In 2009 Karloff, a premium Slovak producer and distributor of spirits and wines decided to change the design of ...

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Soft drinks by definition are carbonated drinks that are non-alcoholic. Carbonated soft drinks are also refereed...

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Cachaca buy online in our spiritshop. Buy best Brazil's national drink in our spirits online shop and mix you ca...

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Welcome to Spirits Online Shop. Here you can buy the best Port wine from Portugal. Port Wine is one of the most ...

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WHAT EXACTLY IS CHAMPAGNE? Strictly speaking, champagne is a sparkling wine that comes from the Champagne region...

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Best premium Beer order and buy online in Beer Shop Switzerland. Order your Beer online in our Liqour Shop. Best...

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Grappa is a uniquely Italian drink. Traditionally made from pomace, the discarded grape seeds, stalks and stems ...

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Distilled in Trinidad, using the secret recipe since 1824, and the same natural blend of herbs and spices, Angostura aromatic bitters is versatile beyond belief. It has retained its original formulation, one of the few remaining true trade secrets, an international brand that over the centuries has continued to flavour the world. Read the label, which is itself perfect. It will give you an insight to the product, with suggestions from savoury sauces to cakes, through crispy vegetables, meats and cocktails.
Angostura aromatic bitters is not bitter when added to food and drink, but has the ability to marry flavours. It works by enhancing the flavour of ingredients in food and drink preparations thereby bringing out the best in them without masking their true flavour.
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If you are looking spirits as a gift, then you are right with us. In our online shop you can find exclusive drin...

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There are some basic tools needed to make cocktails that should be top priority when outfitting your home bar. S...

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Big Bottles for your Party? Please do your choose ... Vodka, Champagne, Sparkling Wine ...

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Our new products

Absolutely Delicious! Enjoy the fresh taste of Georgia Peaches and finally savor in the simple pleasure of cinnamon c...

CHF 42,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Iganoff Cannabis Vodka is three ...

Iganoff Cannabis Vodka is three times destilled vodka from Spain. Eye catcher on each party

Vol. 1.0 L /Alc. 40%

CHF 32,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

The electricity produced by the Langley Distillery in Birmingham reason alcohol is transported to Spain and there fla...

CHF 52,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

Julian Haswell - Developer and owner of "Haswell" London Distilled Dry Gin.

In my humble opinion the three most im...

CHF 49,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
BULLDOG Gin is an ultra-premium ...

BULLDOG Gin is an ultra-premium gin handcrafted in London, and the highest rated gin by Wine Enthusiast Magazine (Top...

CHF 44,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
rum 3 island blanco
Charles Hosie
Country ...
CHF 46,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
crystal head vodka

Crystal Head Vodka is the realisation of the dream and vision of well-known actor Dan Aykroyd and colleague, fine art...

CHF 75,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Neft wodka




Welcome to Siberia!

While hippies and disco ruled pop culture in the mid-19...

CHF 59,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
obey vodka

CHF 42,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Pure Green Vodka

Pure Green Oragnic Vodka is a high quality spirit distilled from organically grown winter wheat in the Cognac region ...

CHF 45,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Poniatowski Exquisite Vodka


Premium vodka with a mild, distinctive flavour and crystal-clear colour. Named after an historic aristocratic P...

CHF 45,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Red Army Vodka buy online


This extraordinary product bundle combines two of Russia’s biggest exports: The vodka and the Kalashnikov. Kala...

CHF 165,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Special products
XQ Gran Reserva Anejo Tequila - ...

XQ Gran Reserva Anejo Tequila - Our Agave plants are hand selected with extreme care based on their natural sugar con...

CHF 92,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
PURITY Redefinning Vodka


PURITY Redefinning Vodka

Purity Vodka is the result of a long lasting quest to redefine vodka, bringing character...

CHF 190,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

Ron Matusalem prides itself...


Ron Matusalem prides itself on being a Cuban style of rum with a history in Cuba they trace back to 1872 when t...

CHF 52,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

Premium Vodka Black Panther...


Premium Vodka "Black Panther" comes from one of the oldest distillery in Ukraine, "Luga-Nova". This was etablis...

CHF 22,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs

The grapes are harvested by...


The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes of 18 kg and refrigerated overnight at 5°C. Following the pressing so...

CHF 59,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
VODKA AKDOV Ultimate is a revolu...

VODKA AKDOV Ultimate is a revolution in the world of alcohol in the world of vodka. He remains Vodka, but makes thank...

CHF 699,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
Reds the strobelights in the clu...

Reds the strobelights in the clubs, inebriating the girl’s smile on the sidewalk, PIGALLE. In the tradition of the Fi...

CHF 100,00
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
I AM BIER - Warum verbergen was ...

I AM BIER - Warum verbergen was gut ist? Mit so einem Slogan erscheint ein neues Premium Bier auf dem Schweizerischen...

CHF 13,20
incl. 8 % Tax excl. Shipping costs