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ZAKA Trinidad Rum

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Zaka Rum Collection is a range of unique and rare blended rums crafted in the beautiful rum making territories and finest reserves of the world. After Aging in French and American oak barrels to mature, while respecting each island and country rum traditions, the rich, intriguingly fruity and robust oak notes express themselves. Every matured rum batch is individually numbered and carefully watched over, each selected rum barrel from each Island, has extraordinary consistency and character from the intense marrying period, and a warming, distinguished finish. A truly exceptional blended aged rum, the result of not just seven years of care and attention, but of rum-making craft and knowledge passed down through the Island generations.

In contrast to the warrior Ogou stands the peaceful god, Zaka/Azaka, as a god of peasantry and agriculture. He is often portrayed as a peasant, dressed in big blue and carrying on his shoulder the big basket bag (“macoute” or “diacoute”) characteristic of the peasantry of the Islands. Who wants to govern the Islands must count on the support of the peasantry, the social and economic class, majority. Zaka Rum is a tribute to the growers, farmers and producers whose dedication and knowledge, passed down through generations, will craft some of the best rums in the world.

Zaka Trinidad Rum
has been carefully distilled and blended in the pure island tradition. Aged a minimum of 7 years in American Oak Barrels, it offers a magnificently warm and rich expression.

Origin: Panama / Alc. 42% / Vol. 70cl
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