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Gin Tonic Set Basic-659

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Vodka TonicGin Tonic Set Basic-659Gin Tonic Set Basic-659Gin Tonic Set Basic-659
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Selection of 3 Botanicals to give a special touch to your Vodka & Tonic

Mallow Blossom
(Malva moschata)

Get a spectacular shade of purple: Let the Vodka soak with a few flowers for 3 minutes, then strain it and serve it as usual.

(Zinger officinale)

A piece of ginger will add a piquant and refreshing touch to your Vodka.

Star Anise
(Illicium verum)

Drop a star into your Vodka to give it a gentle hint of anise as well as making it look fantastic.

1.Chill a wide-mouthed glass with lots of ice.
2.Add 50 - 70 ml of your favorite Vodka and then the Tonic.
3.Choose your Spacial Touch and a citrus to get a fresh effect.
4.Stir gently and enjoy it!

Origin: Spain

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