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Vodka KALINKA Khohloma 0.5L / 40%

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Purity and generosity of the Russian soul.

Vodka Kalinka is the reflection of brightness, light, purity and generosity of the Russian soul in the truly national drink — Russian vodka. Wodka Kalinka is something precious, genuine, and familiar. It is the feeling that raises us while watching Russian sportsmen’s success, the feeling we enjoy the nature, first snow, and first green leaves with. It is our love to the place where we were born and grew up.

Kalinka Khohloma - The vivid taste and special aroma of the Kalinka Khokhloma vodka comes from the infusion of roseroot, famous for its unique qualities. Infusions of Siberian pine nuts and rowan berries give the vodka its delicate original finish.

Kalinka is ours, Russian.

HERKUNFT: Russland

Alc. 40% Vol. 0.5L


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