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Selection of 6 Botanicals to give a special touch to your perfect drink of Rum Cocktail.

Cassia Cinnanmon - If you put a stick in each glass you will obtain an amazing sweet-citrus contrast. To further highlight its effect, we suggest you lightly grate the stick over the glass before putting it in the drink.

Nutmeg - Sprinkle some grated nutmeg over the glass to obtain a strong aroma and which will also turn your rum into attractive and spicy cocktail. You can also put a whole nutmeg in each glass as decoration.

Giant Coffee Beans - rub 2 or 3 beans together to bring out their aroma before adding them to the glass. They will awaken your senses and let you enjoy your rum even more. 

Jamaican Pepper(allspice) - Perfect for spicy rums. Two or three pepper corns rubbed against each other will add a slightly bitter and fruity touch, with a delicate floral aroma and a pleasant spicy sweetness. 

Cocoa Beans - Rea, raw cocoa beans will provide your drink with an aroma that reminds you of the purest chocolate. 

Strips of Orange peel - the perfect citrus complement for your drink of rum. Add a few strips of orange peel to add aroma and a touch of colour.

Contains a professional curler for citrics, the use of every ingredient and tips to mix your Rum cocktails.

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