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Rum Ryoma 7 Years Japanese Rum

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Ryoma 7 year old is a Japanese rum produced by Kikusui, a rum distillery located south of the archipelago on the island of Shikoku in a village in the east of the Kohi prefecture, which is known as the oldest producer of sugar cane in Japan. This naturally led to the production of Ryoma Rum, a liquid gold inspired by foreign techniques, with a sparkle of the Japanese culture.
Ryoma Rum is named after Sakamoto Ryoma, a prominent figure in the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period in Japan. Ryoma Rum is produced from freshly pressed sugar cane, and is aged for 7 years in oak casks. Rum made from sugar cane juice is quite different than Rum made from molasses. It's more pungent, and grassy. 

Origin: Japan / Alc. 40% / Vol 7ocl
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