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PRECIOUS Vodka 0.7L / 40%

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PRECIOUS Vodka 0.7L / 40%PRECIOUS Vodka 0.7L / 40%PRECIOUS Vodka 0.7L / 40%
CHF 65,80
incl. 7.7 % tax, excl. Shipping costs
Product No.:
3-5 days (abroad may vary)
Weight per unit:
1,4 kg


Ultra Premium Wodka - Precious Vodka is produced from distiller grown and harvested winter wheat and post glacial subterranean spring water. The wheat used in Precious Vodka is carefully selected with only the top 10% of the harvest making it to the distillation process. From there our master distiller distills 6 times to produce the distillate, which is then diluted using locally sourced natural spring water. The water is high in mineral content and adds a very strong citric aromatic nose for Precious Vodka .
Precious Vodka is bottled in our unique diamond shaped bottle, every bottle of Precious Vodka contains a beautiful natural gem stone from our collection of fully certifiable precious stones which include sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, and peridot. Our gem stones are specially crafted so that our customers receive only the finest genuine jewel stones. The gem stones add a unique quality to the overall experience that is only available when you purchase a bottle of Precious Vodka.
The high quality of this vodka and its unique packaging will surely make this one of the most sort after bottles available today in the spirits maket. Come and experience the exceptional taste found only with Jewel lines Precious Vodka!

Vol. 0.7 L /Alc. 40%

Country of Origin: Bulgaria



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