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Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Blend

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Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Blendpremium-blend-whisky
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2 weeks (abroad may vary)
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1 kg

People who buy Clubhouse Blend are buying for a whisky lover and looking for something out of the ordinary.

They are typically of a ‘romantic idealist’ inclination and looking for a:

  • Gift for a whisky lover or golfer
  • Curiosity
  • Collectable
  • Souvenir or heritage token of Scotland
  • Good whisky

"Each bottle of Old St Andrew’s Clubhouse is created to our exacting standards and recipe. Key ingredients which help to make our blends so desirable can be traced back to the use of Islay and Speyside malts. The Islay adds a peaty and smoky hint to the blend and the latter a rich and fruity character, which is recognised as being at the heart of all good blends. Our master blender prides himself on rigorous quality control, ensuring it is enforced throughout production and also attribute this to being a major factor to Old St Andrew’s high standard and flavour. Examples of this quality management include the spirit analysis of all malts selected for inclusion within our blend and the fact that only the best casks are selected for use in production leading to each one being individually nosed to ensure only the finest are used. During the blending process each vat is inspected both at high strength and during the reduction and filtration process to ensure that every bottle of Old St. Andrews will be of the highest quality. Both at our blenders and bottlers here at Old St Andrew’s, a human approach is still very much at the forefront of our product and quality assurance, a theme which is constant through to the delivery of the product to our customer. Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Blend is positioned as being a gift product."

VOL. 0.7L / Alc. 40%


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