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Made with vodka and a small amount of delicate French sparkling wine, this ultra-premium French sparkling liqueur is blended with natural fruit nectar to achieve a harmonious balance. The wine is predominately made up of chardonnay with a touch of pinot noir. It is infused with raspberry, peach and strawberry fruits to reveal a vivacity and elegance that leaves the palate refreshed. NUVO is the must-have accessory for a stylish, sophisticated lifestyle. Housed in an ultra-chic bottle that resembles those originally made for perfume, NUVO is something that should be displayed. The drink itself is a fun and festive soft pink hue that not only looks stunning in one’s glass but adds to the overall décor and flair of a party. Best served chilled, over ice, in a champagne glass. Celebrity fans include Bridget Moynahan, Gabrielle Union, Brooke Shields, Kim Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris, T-pain and Fabulous.

Alc. 15% / Vol. 700ml

The World's First Sparkling Liqu...

NUVO SPARKLING LIQUEUR - Red Velvet Cake 750 ml / 20 %

The World's First Sparkling Liqueur Made with vodka and a small amoun...
CHF 41,90
incl. 7.7 % tax, excl. Shipping costs
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