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Neft Vodka in Black Barrel 40% 0,7 L

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Neft wodkaNeft Vodka in Black Barrel 40% 0,7 L
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Welcome to Siberia!

While hippies and disco ruled pop culture in the mid-1970‘s, there was an emergence of something else in Russia. Enormous oilfields were discovered in Siberia with the promise of land and prosperity. Three young Russian engineers adventured to the remotest areas of Siberia and the hunt for black gold was on!


Beating the Extremes

Drilling wells and building oilfields was no cake walk – these guys pushed the limits every day. Extreme living conditions, unforgiving Siberian cold, and brutal hard work took a toll on the mind and body. How did they cope? Vodka- probably the key to survivng the Siberian oil rush. The vodka served with their meager food rations was good enough to warm the spirits – but the men knew it could be better. They dreamt of how it could be much better.


Taste for the Finest

With all the success and money rolling in, the oil pioneers then had the means to distill their own high-grade vodka – exactly how they imagined it. Vodka as it was meant to be. Vodka from oilmen for oilmen. They called it NEFT, oil in Russian, to honour the natural resource that brought them prosperity.


Made in Austria

They took their formula to Austria, where their Russian vodka expertise can unite with the best Austrian grain and fresh local spring water. They wanted to produce the best vodka as they see it. Today, NEFT is produced according to their engineering vision, technological knowledge and experience. Always distilled and filtered at the right level. Packaged the most efficiently and environentally sound, NEFT- simply the most unadulterated vodka in the world.

The product is packaged in 100% recyclable material. This far exceeds glass bottling, which is only 60% recycled material. It is also put in a streamlined, barrel shaped container that is incredibly light. When you drink it, you can for a moment consider your contribution to the environment. You save around 110 litres of diesel fuel that would have been required to deliver one truck of glass-bottled vodka from our production facility to the distributor’s warehouse. Airlines and private jet operators can save fuel by thousands of tonnes if they carried vodka in non-glass bottles- meanwhile, they can also reduce CO2 emissions. This is because one extra kilo on board means two additional tonnes of fuel is burned every year. So just imagine how many glass bottles of vodka are transported right now? Do the math...




Country: Austria

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