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 Kinross Gin – Feel SmartGin - Smartgin is the name of the new segment of premium gins that’s born in Teichenné. Smart purchase gin, only can be included those gins that offer high quality with a fair price, which are considered low price in the distilled premium market.

Kinross Gin Liquor Strawberry, is the result of our long experience developing premium quality gins. A mixture of tradition and vanguardism where we combine our classic botanicals selection with the ripe strawberry. It is an appealing, soft, sweet and very fresh gin. Ideal for anyone looking for something different and modern.

Tasting notes:

Kinross Gin Liquor Strawberry is triple distilled, 40% Vol. Made from rectified cereal alcohol in which juniper is macerated and distilled in combination with different botanicals and distilled strawberries. Elegant nose and crisp palate. Sweet nuances in mouth. Drink suitable for making combined and mixed with tonic water.

Principal botanicals making up Kinross Gin Liquor Strawberry:

Angelica root
Distilled strawberries

Origin: Spain / 70cl.  / 40%Vol.
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