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Heavy Water Vodka 40%/0.7L

Heavy Water Vodka 40%/0.7L
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1,2 kg

Heavy Water Vodka, 40% ABV, (80 proof), is an ultra-premium vodka made on the Blomberg Estate near Kälby in Västra Götaland County located in West Sweden, and is distilled in a continuous still and filtered somewhere between two and four times, the exact number is a secret known by only Mika Pirttimaeki, Master Distiller, resulting in a very smooth vodka with rich flavors on the palate. With a nod to its uniqueness and that it was "created by discerning drinkers for discerning drinkers," Heavy Water Vodka took its name from the rare isotope D20 (deuterium oxide), which scientists refer to as "heavy water" as for every 6,000 parts of water, there is only one part of heavy water.

Country: Norway
Vol: 0,7 L
Alc: 40%


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