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Generous Gin with Gents Tonic Water

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As noble as a perfect tree, as fresh as a perfect fruit, as rich as a perfect harvest. Generous Gin is not just a gin, it is the Quintessence of the art of distillation. Generous Gin like a perfect garden or an dream grove. Rich of multiple essences: Citrus, pink berries, blood oranges, grey pepper, elderberries, lime, juniper. Generous is like the essence of a perfect tree which would offer all the best aromas on earth. All the ingredients of our gin are natural. Some are obtained by maceration, others by distillations in a unique and complex process. Generous is elaborated and bottled in France, near the city of Cognac.

Designed in a sensual white silky glass bottle, adorned with fine design patterns, as elegant as the gin itself.

Gin Set with Swiss Roots Gents Tonic Water 6 Bottles incl.

Origin: France / Alc. 40% / Vol. 700ml


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