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feel-munich-dry-ginFEEL! MUNICH DRY GIN 47% / 0.7L
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Feel! Munich Dry Gin is not made in a huge production hall, but in a small garage in Großhadern, Munich, where the scent of lemons and oranges is in the air. Nor do thousands of bottles regularly leave the small, state-of-the-art 150-litre facility – every day, merely a few units are sent to their various destinations around the world. And you won’t see countless workers at Feel! Munich Dry Gin either, because this is the brainchild of Korbinian Achterbusch, who simply had an idea and spared no effort to see it realised.
With Feel! Munich Dry Gin, he not only succeeded in making an excellent organic gin, a great German gin or an outstanding and unique vegan gin. No, this may in fact be the best gin on earth.
A world apart from the stress of large corporations, market studies and meetings, this gin was created using 17 different fruit and spice botanicals. For over a year, Achternbusch worked on refining his gin, searching for the perfect combination of spices and fruits. Like a mediaeval alchemist, he tried recipe after recipe until he finally found a mix that more than satisfied him.

But not just the recipe is unique; also the effort that goes into the production is without equal: each individual fruit and spice is checked and sorted by hand. Only after having passed the rigorous quality test, the ingredients are added to the copper vat. And thanks to this aim at perfection, a truly exquisite product results.
The used botanicals are, without exception, strictly organically farmed. Achternbusch knows where each and every one of the ingredients that go into the vat in Großhadern was grown. No fruit, no spice has come into contact with the agents used in conventional farming. Nothing was sprayed with synthetic or chemical substances or treated with GM technology.
This conscious decision to refrain from using cheaper, but treated ingredients is, on the one hand, due to health reasons – nobody knows yet, what effects chemical fertilisers or GM technology have on our bodies in the long-term. On the other hand, the natural fruits and spices simply taste better – and that is something you notice with every glass of Feel! Munich Dry Gin. Where possible, the 17 botanicals are bought from producers in Germany or from neighbouring countries.
Feel! Munich Dry Gin also cuts its own and special path with its distillation method. It is the only gin currently on the market neither filtered through protein nor treated with refrigeration. Which also makes it the only gin explicitly declared as “vegan”. No sugar is added in the production process and the taste is not fiddled with artificially. This truly is an “honest” drink. Everything in it was grown in nature, has a history, an origin. Every taste nuance is well-deserved.

Feel! Munich Dry Gin is a floral taste explosion. Notes of limes, blueberries and chokeberries unfurl over the juniper base. This provides a refreshing character and gives the soul a kick, no matter what the season.Following the fresh opener, the delicate aroma of coriander flares up, cushioned by gentle lavender, leaving an unparalleled mellowness. Due to its fresh and mellow quality, Feel! Munich Dry Gin is a favourite with the ladies. The mild property is achieved by gentle, slow and repeated distillation.

Feel! Munich Dry Gin may indeed be the best gin on earth.

Country: Germany

Alc: 47%

Vol: 700ml

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