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Bottega BACUR Distilled Dry Gin

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Bottega BACUR Distilled Dry Gin
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Bottega BACÛR Gin comes from the prestigious home Bottega in Veneto (Italy), whose name is very well known in Grappa and sparkling wines world. Botanicals, juniper berries, sage leaves and lemon rind are macerated in a solution of water and alcohol for a long time. Thereafter, a double distillation takes place, which liberates the liquid from possible unwanted aromas and leads to an elegant distillate with a fine, clean bouquet.
The gin is filled into a mouth-blown glass bottle designed by Sandra Bottega. In taste, the gin appears with its strong charter and nice dry and with a long finish.

In the nose clear citrus, juniper and other secret spices bring every Gin lover to the perfect experience. The best way to enjoy it on ice or, of course, as a gin and tonic cocktail.

Origin: Italy / Alc. 40% Vol. 50cl
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